Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 15

151A mild answer breaketh wrath: but a harsh word stirreth up fury.responsio mollis frangit iram sermo durus suscitat furorem
152The tongue of the wise adorneth knowledge: but the mouth of fools bubbleth out folly.lingua sapientium ornat scientiam os fatuorum ebullit stultitiam
153The eyes of the Lord in every place behold the good and the evil.in omni loco oculi Domini contemplantur malos et bonos
154A peaceable tongue is a tree of life: but that which is immoderate, shall crush the spirit.lingua placabilis lignum vitae quae inmoderata est conteret spiritum
155A fool laugheth at the instruction of his father: but he that regardeth reproofs shall become prudent. In abundant justice there is the greatest strength: but the devices of the wicked shall be rooted out.stultus inridet disciplinam patris sui qui autem custodit increpationes astutior fiet
156The house of the just is very much strength: and in the fruits of the wicked is trouble.domus iusti plurima fortitudo et in fructibus impii conturbatur
157The lips of the wise shall disperse knowledge: the heart of fools shall be unlike.labia sapientium disseminabunt scientiam cor stultorum dissimile erit
158The victims of the wicked are abominable to the Lord: the vows of the just are acceptable.victimae impiorum abominabiles Domino vota iustorum placabilia
159The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord: he that followeth justice is beloved by him.abominatio est Domino via impii qui sequitur iustitiam diligetur ab eo
1510Instruction is grievous to him that forsaketh the way of life: he that hateth reproof shall die.doctrina mala deserenti viam qui increpationes odit morietur
1511Hell and destruction are before the Lord: how much more the hearts of the children of men?infernus et perditio coram Domino quanto magis corda filiorum hominum
1512A corrupt man loveth not one that reproveth him: nor will he go to the wise.non amat pestilens eum qui se corripit nec ad sapientes graditur
1513A glad heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by grief of mind the spirit is cast down.cor gaudens exhilarat faciem in maerore animi deicitur spiritus
1514The heart of the wise seeketh instruction: and the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.cor sapientis quaerit doctrinam et os stultorum pascetur inperitia
1515All the days of the poor are evil: a secure mind is like a continual feast.omnes dies pauperis mali secura mens quasi iuge convivium
1516Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasures without content.melius est parum cum timore Domini quam thesauri magni et insatiabiles
1517It is better to be invited to herbs with love, than to a fatted calf with hatred.melius est vocare ad holera cum caritate quam ad vitulum saginatum cum odio
1518A passionate man stirreth up strifes: he that is patient appeaseth those that are stirred up.vir iracundus provocat rixas qui patiens est mitigat suscitatas
1519The way of the slothful is as a hedge of thorns: the way of the just is without offence.iter pigrorum quasi sepes spinarum via iustorum absque offendiculo
1520A wise son maketh a father joyful: but the foolish man despiseth his mother.filius sapiens laetificat patrem et stultus homo despicit matrem suam
1521Folly is joy to the fool: and the wise man maketh straight his steps.stultitia gaudium stulto et vir prudens dirigit gressus
1522Designs are brought to nothing where there is no counsel: but where there are many counsellors, they are established.dissipantur cogitationes ubi non est consilium ubi vero plures sunt consiliarii confirmantur
1523A man rejoiceth in the sentence of his mouth: and a word in due time is best.laetatur homo in sententia oris sui et sermo oportunus est optimus
1524The path of life is above for the wise, that he may decline from the lowest hell.semita vitae super eruditum ut declinet de inferno novissimo
1525The Lord will destroy the house of the proud: and will strengthen the borders of the widow.domum superborum demolietur Dominus et firmos facit terminos viduae
1526Evil thoughts are an abomination to the Lord: and pure words most beautiful shall be confirmed by him.abominatio Domini cogitationes malae et purus sermo pulcherrimus
1527He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house: but he that hateth bribes shall live. By mercy and faith sins are purged away: and by the fear of the Lord every one declineth from evil.conturbat domum suam qui sectatur avaritiam qui autem odit munera vivet
1528The mind of the just studieth obedience: the mouth of the wicked overfloweth with evils.mens iusti meditatur oboedientiam os impiorum redundat malis
1529The Lord is far from the wicked: and he will hear the prayers of the just.longe est Dominus ab impiis et orationes iustorum exaudiet
1530The light of the eyes rejoiceth the soul: a good name maketh the bones fat.lux oculorum laetificat animam fama bona inpinguat ossa
1531The ear that heareth the reproofs of life, shall abide in the midst of the wise.auris quae audit increpationes vitae in medio sapientium commorabitur
1532He that rejecteth instruction, despiseth his own soul: but he that yieldeth to reproof, possesseth understanding.qui abicit disciplinam despicit animam suam qui adquiescit increpationibus possessor est cordis
1533The fear of the Lord is the lesson of wisdom: and humility goeth before glory.timor Domini disciplina sapientiae et gloriam praecedit humilitas

Sunday, May 1, 2016

11 Herbs

Last year, for my birthday, Debra Foss gave me a packet with twelve different kinds of herbs to grow from seed.  I started them off but the seedlings died when I was out of town for too long and could not water them.

This year, I made certain to have my schedule straight and managed to prepare a garden for them and set all of the seedlings into the ground last Sunday. There have been some powerful storms over the last week, and this weekend, it seemed like they might be beaten into the dirt.

I am pleased to report that they all survived admirably.  There are only eleven as one kind did not sprout.

Here is what they look like at this time.