Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 19

191Better is the poor man, that walketh in his simplicity, than a rich man that is perverse in his lips and unwise.melior est pauper qui ambulat in simplicitate sua quam torquens labia insipiens
192Where there is no knowledge of the soul, there is no good: and he that is hasty with his feet shall stumble.ubi non est scientia animae non est bonum et qui festinus est pedibus offendit
193The folly of a man supplanteth his steps: and he fretteth in his mind against God.stultitia hominis subplantat gressus eius et contra Deum fervet animo suo
194Riches make many friends: but from the poor man, even they whom he had, depart.divitiae addunt amicos plurimos a paupere autem et hii quos habuit separantur
195A false witness shall not be unpunished: and he that speaketh lies, shall not escape.testis falsus non erit inpunitus et qui mendacia loquitur non effugiet
196Many honour the person of him that is mighty, and are friends of him that giveth gifts.multi colunt personam potentis et amici sunt dona tribuenti
197The brethren of the poor man hate him: moreover also his friends have departed far from him. He that followeth after words only, shall have nothing.fratres hominis pauperis oderunt eum insuper et amici procul recesserunt ab eo qui tantum verba sectatur nihil habebit
198But he that possesseth a mind, loveth his own soul, and he that keepeth prudence, shall find good things.qui autem possessor est mentis diligit animam suam et custos prudentiae inveniet bona
199A false witness shall not be unpunished: and he that speaketh lies, shall perish.testis falsus non erit inpunitus et qui loquitur mendacia peribit
1910Delicacies are not seemly for a fool: nor for a servant to have rule over princes.non decent stultum deliciae nec servum dominari principibus
1911The learning of a man is known by patience: and his glory is to pass over wrongs.doctrina viri per patientiam noscitur et gloria eius est iniqua praetergredi
1912As the roaring of a lion, so also is the anger of a king: and his cheerfulness as the dew upon the grass.sicut fremitus leonis ita et regis ira et sicut ros super herbam ita hilaritas eius
1913A foolish son is the grief of his father: and a wrangling wife is like a roof continually dropping through.dolor patris filius stultus et tecta iugiter perstillantia litigiosa mulier
1914House and riches are given by parents: but a prudent wife is properly from the Lord.domus et divitiae dantur a patribus a Domino autem proprie uxor prudens
1915Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep, and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.pigredo inmittit soporem et anima dissoluta esuriet
1916He that keepeth the commandment, keepeth his own soul: but he that neglecteth his own way, shall die.qui custodit mandatum custodit animam suam qui autem neglegit vias suas mortificabitur
1917He that hath mercy on the poor, lendeth to the Lord: and he will repay him.feneratur Domino qui miseretur pauperis et vicissitudinem suam reddet ei
1918Chastise thy son, despair not: but to the killing of him set not thy soul.erudi filium tuum ne desperes ad interfectionem autem eius ne ponas animam tuam
1919He that is impatient, shall suffer damage: and when he shall take away, he shall add another thing.qui inpatiens est sustinebit damnum et cum rapuerit aliud adponet
1920Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayst be wise in thy latter end.audi consilium et suscipe disciplinam ut sis sapiens in novissimis tuis
1921There are many thoughts in the heart of a man: but the will of the Lord shall stand firm.multae cogitationes in corde viri voluntas autem Domini permanebit
1922A needy man is merciful: and better is the poor than the lying man.homo indigens misericors est et melior pauper quam vir mendax
1923The fear of the Lord is unto life: and he shall abide in the fulness without being visited with evil.timor Domini ad vitam et in plenitudine commorabitur absque visitatione pessimi
1924The slothful hideth his hand under his armpit, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth.abscondit piger manum suam sub ascella nec ad os suum adplicat eam
1925The wicked man being scourged, the fool shall be wiser: but if thou rebuke a wise man, he will understand discipline.pestilente flagellato stultus sapientior erit sin autem corripueris sapientem intelleget disciplinam
1926He that afflicteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is infamous and unhappy.qui adfligit patrem et fugat matrem ignominiosus est et infelix
1927Cease not, O my son, to hear instruction, and be not ignorant of the words of knowledge.non cesses fili audire doctrinam nec ignores sermones scientiae
1928An unjust witness scorneth judgment: and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity.testis iniquus deridet iudicium et os impiorum devorat iniquitatem
1929Judgments are prepared for scorners: and striking hammers for the bodies of fools.parata sunt derisoribus iudicia et mallei percutientes stultorum corporibus

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Morning Ride - Fist Day of Summer

Good morning everyone.  I went for a nice ride on my bike but I had to cut it short as someone called me for help via my cell phone.  I managed to capture a few pictures along the way.

My Route

This alligator kept a wary eye on me

The Quad at UL was deserted

St. John's was having some work done
St. John's from the front
Shelly was still in bed

One a Day - Proverbs 18

181He that hath a mind to depart from a friend, seeketh occasions: he shall ever be subject to reproach.occasiones quaerit qui vult recedere ab amico omni tempore erit exprobrabilis
182A fool receiveth not the words of prudence: unless thou say those things which are in his heart.non recipit stultus verba prudentiae nisi ea dixeris quae versantur in corde eius
183The wicked man, when he is come into the depths of sins, contemneth: but ignominy and reproach follow him.impius cum in profundum venerit peccatorum contemnit sed sequitur eum ignominia et obprobrium
184Words from the mouth of a man are as deep water: and the fountain of wisdom is an overflowing stream.aqua profunda verba ex ore viri et torrens redundans fons sapientiae
185It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to decline from the truth of judgment.accipere personam impii non est bonum ut declines a veritate iudicii
186The lips of a fool intermeddle with strife: and his mouth provoketh quarrels.labia stulti inmiscunt se rixis et os eius iurgia provocat
187The mouth of a fool is his destruction: and his lips are the ruin of his soul.os stulti contritio eius et labia illius ruina animae eius
188The words of the double tongued are as if they were harmless: and they reach even to the inner parts of the bowels. Fear casteth down the slothful: and the souls of the effeminate shall be hungry.verba bilinguis quasi simplicia et ipsa perveniunt usque ad interiora ventris
189He that is loose and slack in his work, is the brother of him that wasteth his own works.qui mollis et dissolutus est in opere suo frater est sua opera dissipantis
1810The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the just runneth to it, and shall be exalted.turris fortissima nomen Domini ad ipsum currit iustus et exaltabitur
1811The substance of the rich man is the city of his strength, and as a strong wall compassing him about.substantia divitis urbs roboris eius et quasi murus validus circumdans eum
1812Before destruction, the heart of a man is exalted: and before he be glorified, it is humbled.antequam conteratur exaltatur cor hominis et antequam glorificetur humiliatur
1813He that answereth before he heareth, sheweth himself to be a fool, and worthy of confusion.qui prius respondit quam audiat stultum se esse demonstrat et confusione dignum
1814The spirit of a man upholdeth his infirmity: but a spirit that is easily angered, who can bear?spiritus viri sustentat inbecillitatem suam spiritum vero ad irascendum facilem quis poterit sustinere
1815A wise heart shall acquire knowledge: and the ear of the wise seeketh instruction.cor prudens possidebit scientiam et auris sapientium quaerit doctrinam
1816A man's gift enlargeth his way, and maketh him room before princes.donum hominis dilatat viam eius et ante principes spatium ei facit
1817The just is first accuser of himself: his friend cometh, and shall search him.iustus prior est accusator sui venit amicus eius et investigavit eum
1818The lot suppresseth contentions, and determineth even between the mighty.contradictiones conprimit sors et inter potentes quoque diiudicat
1819A brother that is helped by his brother, is like a strong city: and judgments are like the bars of cities.frater qui adiuvatur a fratre quasi civitas firma et iudicia quasi vectes urbium
1820Of the fruit of a man's mouth shall his belly be satisfied: and the offspring of his lips shall fill him.de fructu oris viri replebitur venter eius et genimina labiorum illius saturabunt eum
1821Death and life are in the power of the tongue: they that love it, shall eat the fruits thereof.mors et vita in manu linguae qui diligunt eam comedent fructus eius
1822He that hath found a good wife, hath found a good thing, and shall receive a pleasure from the Lord. He that driveth away a good wife, driveth away a good thing: but he that keepeth an adulteress, is foolish and wicked.qui invenit mulierem invenit bonum et hauriet iucunditatem a Domino
1823The poor will speak with supplications, and the rich will speak roughly.cum obsecrationibus loquetur pauper et dives effabitur rigide
1824A man amiable in society, shall be more friendly than a brother.vir amicalis ad societatem magis amicus erit quam frater

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 17

171Better is a dry morsel with joy, than a house full of victims with strife.melior est buccella sicca cum gaudio quam domus plena victimis cum iurgio
172A wise servant shall rule over foolish sons, and shall divide the inheritance among the brethren.servus sapiens dominabitur filiis stultis et inter fratres hereditatem dividet
173As silver is tried by fire, and gold in the furnace: so the Lord trieth the hearts.sicut igne probatur argentum et aurum camino ita corda probat Dominus
174The evil man obeyeth an unjust tongue: and the deceitful hearkeneth to lying lips.malus oboedit linguae iniquae et fallax obtemperat labiis mendacibus
175He that despiseth the poor, reproacheth his maker: and he that rejoiceth at another man's ruin, shall not be unpunished.qui despicit pauperem exprobrat factori eius et qui in ruina laetatur alterius non erit inpunitus
176Children's children are the crown of old men: and the glory of children are their fathers.corona senum filii filiorum et gloria filiorum patres sui
177Eloquent words do not become a fool, nor lying lips a prince.non decent stultum verba conposita nec principem labium mentiens
178The expectation of him that expecteth is a most acceptable jewel: whithersoever he turneth himself, he understandeth wisely.gemma gratissima expectatio praestolantis quocumque se verterit prudenter intellegit
179He that concealeth a transgression, seeketh friendships: he that repeateth it again, separateth friends.qui celat delictum quaerit amicitias qui altero sermone repetit separat foederatos
1710A reproof availeth more with a wise man, than a hundred stripes with a fool.plus proficit correptio apud prudentem quam centum plagae apud stultum
1711An evil man always seeketh quarrels: but a cruel angel shall be sent against him.semper iurgia quaerit malus angelus autem crudelis mittetur contra eum
1712It is better to meet a bear robbed of her whelps, than a fool trusting in his own folly.expedit magis ursae occurrere raptis fetibus quam fatuo confidenti sibi in stultitia sua
1713He that rendereth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.qui reddit mala pro bonis non recedet malum de domo eius
1714The beginning of quarrels is as when one letteth out water: and before he suffereth reproach, he forsaketh judgment.qui dimittit aquam caput est iurgiorum et antequam patiatur contumeliam iudicium deserit
1715He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, both are abominable before God.et qui iustificat impium et qui condemnat iustum abominabilis est uterque apud Dominum
1716What doth it avail a fool to have riches, seeing he cannot buy wisdom? He that maketh his house high, seeketh a downfall: and he that refuseth to learn, shall fall into evils.quid prodest habere divitias stultum cum sapientiam emere non possit
1717He that is a friend loveth at all times: and a brother is proved in distress.omni tempore diligit qui amicus est et frater in angustiis conprobatur
1718A foolish man will clap hands, when he is surety for his friend.homo stultus plaudet manibus cum spoponderit pro amico suo
1719He that studieth discords, loveth quarrels: and he that exalteth his door, seeketh ruin.qui meditatur discordiam diligit rixas et qui exaltat ostium quaerit ruinam
1720He that is of a perverse heart, shall not find good: and he that perverteth his tongue, shall fall into evil.qui perversi cordis est non inveniet bonum et qui vertit linguam incidet in malum
1721A fool is born to his own disgrace: and even his father shall not rejoice in a fool.natus est stultus in ignominiam suam sed nec pater in fatuo laetabitur
1722A joyful mind maketh age flourishing: a sorrowful spirit drieth up the bones.animus gaudens aetatem floridam facit spiritus tristis exsiccat ossa
1723The wicked man taketh gifts out of the bosom, that he may pervert the paths of judgment.munera de sinu impius accipit ut pervertat semitas iudicii
1724Wisdom shineth in the face of the wise: the eyes of fools are in the ends of the earth.in facie prudentis lucet sapientia oculi stultorum in finibus terrae
1725A foolish son is the anger of the father: and the sorrow of the mother that bore him.ira patris filius stultus et dolor matris quae genuit eum
1726It is no good thing to do hurt to the just: nor to strike the prince, who judgeth right.non est bonum damnum inferre iusto nec percutere principem qui recta iudicat
1727He that setteth bounds to his words, is knowing and wise: and the man of understanding is of a precious spirit.qui moderatur sermones suos doctus et prudens est et pretiosi spiritus vir eruditus
1728Even a fool, if he will hold his peace, shall be counted wise: and if he close his lips, a man of understanding.stultus quoque si tacuerit sapiens putabitur et si conpresserit labia sua intellegens

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Aircraft Carrier Carrier

The first Ford-class super aircraft carrier should be delivered to the United States this year.

I think that we should continue to produce and maintain aircraft carriers.  Short of a major war, there is nothing like them for projecting power across the globe.

"The Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) class carrier design is the successor to the Nimitz-class carrier design. The Ford-class design uses the basic Nimitz-class hull form but incorporates several improvements, including features permitting the ship to generate 33% more aircraft sorties per day, more electrical power for supporting ship systems, and features permitting the ship to be operated by several hundred fewer sailors than a Nimitz-class ship, reducing 50-year life-cycle operating and support costs for each ship by about $4 billion compared to the Nimitz-class design, the Navy estimates. Navy plans call for procuring at least four Ford-class carriers—CVN-78, CVN-79, CVN-80, and CVN-81."

One a Day - Proverbs 16

161It is the part of man to prepare the soul: and of the Lord to govern the tongue.hominis est animum praeparare et Dei gubernare linguam
162All the ways of a man are open to his eyes: the Lord is the weigher of spirits.omnes viae hominum patent oculis eius spirituum ponderator est Dominus
163Lay open thy works to the Lord: and thy thoughts shall be directed.revela Domino opera tua et dirigentur cogitationes tuae
164The Lord hath made all things for himself: the wicked also for the evil day.universa propter semet ipsum operatus est Dominus impium quoque ad diem malum
165Every proud man is an abomination to the Lord: though hand should be joined to hand, he is not innocent. The beginning of a good way is to do justice: and this is more acceptable with God, than to offer sacrifices.abominatio Domini omnis arrogans etiam si manus ad manum fuerit non erit innocens
166By mercy and truth iniquity is redeemed; and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.misericordia et veritate redimitur iniquitas et in timore Domini declinatur a malo
167When the ways of man shall please the Lord, he will convert even his enemies to peace.cum placuerint Domino viae hominis inimicos quoque eius convertet ad pacem
168Better is a little with justice, than great revenues with iniquity.melius est parum cum iustitia quam multi fructus cum iniquitate
169The heart of man disposeth his way: but the Lord must direct his steps.cor hominis disponet viam suam sed Domini est dirigere gressus eius
1610Divination is in the lips of the king, his mouth shall not err in judgment.divinatio in labiis regis in iudicio non errabit os eius
1611Weight and balance are judgments of the Lord: and his work all the weights of the bag.pondus et statera iudicia Domini sunt et opera eius omnes lapides sacculi
1612They that act wickedly are abominable to the king: for the throne is established by justice.abominabiles regi qui agunt impie quoniam iustitia firmatur solium
1613Just lips are the delight of kings: he that speaketh right things shall be loved.voluntas regum labia iusta qui recta loquitur diligetur
1614The wrath of a king is as messengers of death: and the wise man will pacify it.indignatio regis nuntii mortis et vir sapiens placabit eam
1615In the cheerfulness of the king's countenance is life: and his clemency is like the latter rain.in hilaritate vultus regis vita et clementia eius quasi imber serotinus
1616Get wisdom, because it is better than gold: and purchase prudence, for it is more precious than silver.posside sapientiam quia auro melior est et adquire prudentiam quia pretiosior est argento
1617The path of the just departeth from evils: he that keepeth his soul keepeth his way.semita iustorum declinat mala custos animae suae servat viam suam
1618Pride goeth before destruction: and the spirit is lifted up before a fall.contritionem praecedit superbia et ante ruinam exaltatur spiritus
1619It is better to be humbled with the meek, than to divide spoils with the proud.melius est humiliari cum mitibus quam dividere spolia cum superbis
1620The learned in word shall find good things: and he that trusteth in the Lord is blessed.eruditus in verbo repperiet bona et qui in Domino sperat beatus est
1621The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and he that is sweet in words, shall attain to greater things.qui sapiens corde est appellabitur prudens et qui dulcis eloquio maiora percipiet
1622Knowledge is a fountain of life to him that possesseth it: the instruction of fools is foolishness.fons vitae eruditio possidentis doctrina stultorum fatuitas
1623The heart of the wise shall instruct his mouth: and shall add grace to his lips.cor sapientis erudiet os eius et labiis illius addet gratiam
1624Well ordered words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.favus mellis verba conposita dulcedo animae et sanitas ossuum
1625There is a way that seemeth to a man right: and the ends thereof lead to death.est via quae videtur homini recta et novissimum eius ducit ad mortem
1626The soul of him that laboureth, laboureth for himself, because his mouth hath obliged him to it.anima laborantis laborat sibi quia conpulit eum os suum
1627The wicked man diggeth evil, and in his lips is a burning fire.vir impius fodit malum et in labiis eius ignis ardescit
1628A perverse man stirreth up quarrels: and one full of words separateth princes.homo perversus suscitat lites et verbosus separat principes
1629An unjust man allureth his friend: and leadeth him into a way that is not good.vir iniquus lactat amicum suum et ducit eum per viam non bonam
1630He that with fixed eyes deviseth wicked things, biting his lips, bringeth evil to pass.qui adtonitis oculis cogitat prava mordens labia sua perficit malum
1631Old age is a crown of dignity, when it is found in the ways of justice.corona dignitatis senectus in viis iustitiae repperietur
1632The patient man is better than the valiant: and he that ruleth his spirit, than he that taketh cities.melior est patiens viro forte et qui dominatur animo suo expugnatore urbium
1633Lots are cast into the lap, but they are disposed of by the Lord.sortes mittuntur in sinu sed a Domino temperantur