Monday, June 20, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 18

181He that hath a mind to depart from a friend, seeketh occasions: he shall ever be subject to reproach.occasiones quaerit qui vult recedere ab amico omni tempore erit exprobrabilis
182A fool receiveth not the words of prudence: unless thou say those things which are in his heart.non recipit stultus verba prudentiae nisi ea dixeris quae versantur in corde eius
183The wicked man, when he is come into the depths of sins, contemneth: but ignominy and reproach follow him.impius cum in profundum venerit peccatorum contemnit sed sequitur eum ignominia et obprobrium
184Words from the mouth of a man are as deep water: and the fountain of wisdom is an overflowing stream.aqua profunda verba ex ore viri et torrens redundans fons sapientiae
185It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to decline from the truth of judgment.accipere personam impii non est bonum ut declines a veritate iudicii
186The lips of a fool intermeddle with strife: and his mouth provoketh quarrels.labia stulti inmiscunt se rixis et os eius iurgia provocat
187The mouth of a fool is his destruction: and his lips are the ruin of his soul.os stulti contritio eius et labia illius ruina animae eius
188The words of the double tongued are as if they were harmless: and they reach even to the inner parts of the bowels. Fear casteth down the slothful: and the souls of the effeminate shall be hungry.verba bilinguis quasi simplicia et ipsa perveniunt usque ad interiora ventris
189He that is loose and slack in his work, is the brother of him that wasteth his own works.qui mollis et dissolutus est in opere suo frater est sua opera dissipantis
1810The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the just runneth to it, and shall be exalted.turris fortissima nomen Domini ad ipsum currit iustus et exaltabitur
1811The substance of the rich man is the city of his strength, and as a strong wall compassing him about.substantia divitis urbs roboris eius et quasi murus validus circumdans eum
1812Before destruction, the heart of a man is exalted: and before he be glorified, it is humbled.antequam conteratur exaltatur cor hominis et antequam glorificetur humiliatur
1813He that answereth before he heareth, sheweth himself to be a fool, and worthy of confusion.qui prius respondit quam audiat stultum se esse demonstrat et confusione dignum
1814The spirit of a man upholdeth his infirmity: but a spirit that is easily angered, who can bear?spiritus viri sustentat inbecillitatem suam spiritum vero ad irascendum facilem quis poterit sustinere
1815A wise heart shall acquire knowledge: and the ear of the wise seeketh instruction.cor prudens possidebit scientiam et auris sapientium quaerit doctrinam
1816A man's gift enlargeth his way, and maketh him room before princes.donum hominis dilatat viam eius et ante principes spatium ei facit
1817The just is first accuser of himself: his friend cometh, and shall search him.iustus prior est accusator sui venit amicus eius et investigavit eum
1818The lot suppresseth contentions, and determineth even between the mighty.contradictiones conprimit sors et inter potentes quoque diiudicat
1819A brother that is helped by his brother, is like a strong city: and judgments are like the bars of cities.frater qui adiuvatur a fratre quasi civitas firma et iudicia quasi vectes urbium
1820Of the fruit of a man's mouth shall his belly be satisfied: and the offspring of his lips shall fill fructu oris viri replebitur venter eius et genimina labiorum illius saturabunt eum
1821Death and life are in the power of the tongue: they that love it, shall eat the fruits thereof.mors et vita in manu linguae qui diligunt eam comedent fructus eius
1822He that hath found a good wife, hath found a good thing, and shall receive a pleasure from the Lord. He that driveth away a good wife, driveth away a good thing: but he that keepeth an adulteress, is foolish and wicked.qui invenit mulierem invenit bonum et hauriet iucunditatem a Domino
1823The poor will speak with supplications, and the rich will speak roughly.cum obsecrationibus loquetur pauper et dives effabitur rigide
1824A man amiable in society, shall be more friendly than a brother.vir amicalis ad societatem magis amicus erit quam frater

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