Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 19

191Better is the poor man, that walketh in his simplicity, than a rich man that is perverse in his lips and unwise.melior est pauper qui ambulat in simplicitate sua quam torquens labia insipiens
192Where there is no knowledge of the soul, there is no good: and he that is hasty with his feet shall stumble.ubi non est scientia animae non est bonum et qui festinus est pedibus offendit
193The folly of a man supplanteth his steps: and he fretteth in his mind against God.stultitia hominis subplantat gressus eius et contra Deum fervet animo suo
194Riches make many friends: but from the poor man, even they whom he had, depart.divitiae addunt amicos plurimos a paupere autem et hii quos habuit separantur
195A false witness shall not be unpunished: and he that speaketh lies, shall not escape.testis falsus non erit inpunitus et qui mendacia loquitur non effugiet
196Many honour the person of him that is mighty, and are friends of him that giveth gifts.multi colunt personam potentis et amici sunt dona tribuenti
197The brethren of the poor man hate him: moreover also his friends have departed far from him. He that followeth after words only, shall have nothing.fratres hominis pauperis oderunt eum insuper et amici procul recesserunt ab eo qui tantum verba sectatur nihil habebit
198But he that possesseth a mind, loveth his own soul, and he that keepeth prudence, shall find good things.qui autem possessor est mentis diligit animam suam et custos prudentiae inveniet bona
199A false witness shall not be unpunished: and he that speaketh lies, shall perish.testis falsus non erit inpunitus et qui loquitur mendacia peribit
1910Delicacies are not seemly for a fool: nor for a servant to have rule over princes.non decent stultum deliciae nec servum dominari principibus
1911The learning of a man is known by patience: and his glory is to pass over wrongs.doctrina viri per patientiam noscitur et gloria eius est iniqua praetergredi
1912As the roaring of a lion, so also is the anger of a king: and his cheerfulness as the dew upon the grass.sicut fremitus leonis ita et regis ira et sicut ros super herbam ita hilaritas eius
1913A foolish son is the grief of his father: and a wrangling wife is like a roof continually dropping through.dolor patris filius stultus et tecta iugiter perstillantia litigiosa mulier
1914House and riches are given by parents: but a prudent wife is properly from the Lord.domus et divitiae dantur a patribus a Domino autem proprie uxor prudens
1915Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep, and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.pigredo inmittit soporem et anima dissoluta esuriet
1916He that keepeth the commandment, keepeth his own soul: but he that neglecteth his own way, shall die.qui custodit mandatum custodit animam suam qui autem neglegit vias suas mortificabitur
1917He that hath mercy on the poor, lendeth to the Lord: and he will repay him.feneratur Domino qui miseretur pauperis et vicissitudinem suam reddet ei
1918Chastise thy son, despair not: but to the killing of him set not thy soul.erudi filium tuum ne desperes ad interfectionem autem eius ne ponas animam tuam
1919He that is impatient, shall suffer damage: and when he shall take away, he shall add another thing.qui inpatiens est sustinebit damnum et cum rapuerit aliud adponet
1920Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayst be wise in thy latter end.audi consilium et suscipe disciplinam ut sis sapiens in novissimis tuis
1921There are many thoughts in the heart of a man: but the will of the Lord shall stand firm.multae cogitationes in corde viri voluntas autem Domini permanebit
1922A needy man is merciful: and better is the poor than the lying man.homo indigens misericors est et melior pauper quam vir mendax
1923The fear of the Lord is unto life: and he shall abide in the fulness without being visited with evil.timor Domini ad vitam et in plenitudine commorabitur absque visitatione pessimi
1924The slothful hideth his hand under his armpit, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth.abscondit piger manum suam sub ascella nec ad os suum adplicat eam
1925The wicked man being scourged, the fool shall be wiser: but if thou rebuke a wise man, he will understand discipline.pestilente flagellato stultus sapientior erit sin autem corripueris sapientem intelleget disciplinam
1926He that afflicteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is infamous and unhappy.qui adfligit patrem et fugat matrem ignominiosus est et infelix
1927Cease not, O my son, to hear instruction, and be not ignorant of the words of knowledge.non cesses fili audire doctrinam nec ignores sermones scientiae
1928An unjust witness scorneth judgment: and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity.testis iniquus deridet iudicium et os impiorum devorat iniquitatem
1929Judgments are prepared for scorners: and striking hammers for the bodies of fools.parata sunt derisoribus iudicia et mallei percutientes stultorum corporibus

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