Sunday, February 28, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 7

71My son, keep my words, and lay up my precepts with thee. Son,fili mi custodi sermones meos et praecepta mea reconde tibi
72Keep my commandments, and thou shalt live: and my law as the apple of thy eye:serva mandata mea et vives et legem meam quasi pupillam oculi tui
73Bind it upon thy fingers, write it upon the tables of thy heart.liga eam in digitis tuis scribe illam in tabulis cordis tui
74Say to wisdom: Thou art my sister: and call prudence thy friend,dic sapientiae soror mea es et prudentiam voca amicam tuam
75That she may keep thee from the woman that is not thine, and from the stranger who sweeteneth her words.ut custodiat te a muliere extranea et ab aliena quae verba sua dulcia facit
76For I looked out of the window of my house through the lattice,de fenestra enim domus meae per cancellos prospexi
77And I see little ones, I behold a foolish young man,et video parvulos considero vecordem iuvenem
78Who passeth through the street by the corner, and goeth nigh the way of her house,qui transit in platea iuxta angulum et propter viam domus illius graditur
79In the dark when it grows late, in the darkness and obscurity of the obscuro advesperascente die in noctis tenebris et caligine
710And behold a woman meeteth him in harlot's attire, prepared to deceive souls: talkative and wandering,et ecce mulier occurrit illi ornatu meretricio praeparata ad capiendas animas garrula et vaga
711Not bearing to be quiet, not able to abide still at home,quietis inpatiens nec valens in domo consistere pedibus suis
712Now abroad, now in the streets, now lying in wait near the corners.nunc foris nunc in plateis nunc iuxta angulos insidians
713And catching the young man, she kisseth him, and with an impudent face, flattereth, saying:adprehensumque deosculatur iuvenem et procaci vultu blanditur dicens
714I vowed victims for prosperity, this day I have paid my vows.victimas pro salute debui hodie reddidi vota mea
715Therefore I am come out to meet thee, desirous to see thee, and I have found thee.idcirco egressa sum in occursum tuum desiderans te videre et repperi
716I have woven my bed with cords, I have covered it with painted tapestry, brought from Egypt.intexui funibus lectum meum stravi tapetibus pictis ex Aegypto
717I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.aspersi cubile meum murra et aloe et cinnamomo
718Come, let us be inebriated with the breasts, and let us enjoy the desired embraces, till the day appear.veni inebriemur uberibus donec inlucescat dies et fruamur cupitis amplexibus
719For my husband is not at home, he is gone a very long journey.non est enim vir in domo sua abiit via longissima
720He took with him a bag of money: he will return home the day of the full moon.sacculum pecuniae secum tulit in die plenae lunae reversurus est domum suam
721She entangled him with many words, and drew him away with the flattery of her lips.inretivit eum multis sermonibus et blanditiis labiorum protraxit illum
722Immediately he followeth her as an ox led to be a victim, and as a lamb playing the wanton, and not knowing that he is drawn like a fool to bonds,statim eam sequitur quasi bos ductus ad victimam et quasi agnus lasciviens et ignorans quod ad vincula stultus trahatur
723Till the arrow pierce his liver: as if a bird should make haste to the snare, and knoweth not that his life is in danger.donec transfigat sagitta iecur eius velut si avis festinet ad laqueum et nescit quia de periculo animae illius agitur
724Now, therefore, my son, hear me, and attend to the words of my mouth.nunc ergo fili audi me et adtende verba oris mei
725Let not thy mind be drawn away in her ways: neither be thou deceived with her abstrahatur in viis illius mens tua neque decipiaris semitis eius
726For she hath cast down many wounded, and the strongest have been slain by her.multos enim vulneratos deiecit et fortissimi quique interfecti sunt ab ea
727Her house is the way to hell, reaching even to the inner chambers of death.viae inferi domus eius penetrantes interiora mortis

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