Sunday, November 27, 2016

One a Day - Proverbs 29

[1] The man that with a stiff neck despiseth him that reproveth him, shall suddenly be destroyed: and health shall not follow him.
Viro qui corripientem dura cervice contemnit, repentinus ei superveniet interitus, et eum sanitas non sequetur.

[2] When just men increase, the people shall rejoice: when the wicked shall bear rule, the people shall mourn.
In multiplicatione justorum laetabitur vulgus; cum impii sumpserint principatum, gemet populus.

[3] A man that loveth wisdom, rejoiceth his father: but he that maintaineth bar lots, shall squander away his substance.
Vir qui amat sapientiam laetificat patrem suum; qui autem nutrit scorta perdet substantiam.

[4] A just king setteth up the land: a covetous man shall destroy it.
Rex justus erigit terram; vir avarus destruet eam.

[5] A man that speaketh to his friend with flattering and dissembling words, spreadeth a net for his feet.
Homo qui blandis fictisque sermonibus loquitur amico suo rete expandit gressibus ejus.

[6] A snare shall entangle the wicked man when he sinneth: and the just shall praise and rejoice.
Peccantem virum iniquum involvet laqueus, et justus laudabit atque gaudebit.

[7] The just taketh notice of the cause of the poor: the wicked is void of knowledge.
Novit justus causam pauperum; impius ignorat scientiam.

[8] Corrupt men bring a city to ruin: but wise men turn away wrath.
Homines pestilentes dissipant civitatem, sapientes vero avertunt furorem.

[9] If a wise man contend with a fool, whether he be angry or laugh, he shall find no rest.
Vir sapiens si cum stulto contenderit, sive irascatur, sive rideat, non inveniet requiem.

[10] Bloodthirsty men hate the upright: but just men seek his soul.
Viri sanguinem oderunt simplicem; justi autem quaerunt animam ejus.

[11] A fool uttereth all his mind: a wise man deferreth, and keepeth it till afterwards.
Totum spiritum suum profert stultus; sapiens differt, et reservat in posterum.

[12] A prince that gladly heareth lying words, hath all his servants wicked.
Princeps qui libenter audit verba mendacii, omnes ministros habet impios.

[13] The poor man and the creditor have met one another: the Lord is the enlightener of them both.
Pauper et creditor obviaverunt sibi: utriusque illuminator est Dominus.

[14] The king that judgeth the poor in truth, his throne shall be established for ever.
Rex qui judicat in veritate pauperes, thronus ejus in aeternum firmabitur.

[15] The rod and reproof give wisdom: but the child that is left to his own will bringeth his mother to shame.
Virga atque correptio tribuit sapientiam; puer autem qui dimittitur voluntati suae confundit matrem suam.

[16] When the wicked are multiplied, crimes shall be multiplied: but the just shall see their downfall.
In multiplicatione impiorum multiplicabuntur scelera, et justi ruinas eorum videbunt.

[17] Instruct thy son, and he shall refresh thee, and shall give delight to thy soul.
Erudi filium tuum, et refrigerabit te, et dabit delicias animae tuae.

[18] When prophecy shall fail, the people shall be scattered abroad: but he that keepeth the law is blessed.
Cum prophetia defecerit, dissipabitur populus; qui vero custodit legem beatus est.

[19] A slave will not be corrected by words: because he understandeth what thou sayest, and will not answer.
Servus verbis non potest erudiri, quia quod dicis intelligit, et respondere contemnit.

[20] Hast thou seen a man hasty to speak? folly is rather to be looked for, than his amendment.
Vidisti hominem velocem ad loquendum? stultitia magis speranda est quam illius correptio.

[21] He that nourisheth his servant delicately from his childhood, afterwards shall find him stubborn.
Qui delicate a pueritia nutrit servum suum postea sentiet eum contumacem.

[22] A passionate man provoketh quarrels: and he that is easily stirred up to wrath, shall be more prone to sin.
Vir iracundus provocat rixas, et qui ad indignandum facilis est erit ad peccandum proclivior.

[23] Humiliation followeth the proud: and glory shall uphold the humble of spirit.
Superbum sequitur humilitas, et humilem spiritu suscipiet gloria.

[24] He that is partaker with a thief, hateth his own soul: he heareth one putting him to his oath, and discovereth not.
Qui cum fure participat odit animam suam; adjurantem audit, et non indicat.

[25] He that feareth man, shall quickly fall: he that trusteth in the Lord, shall be set on high.
Qui timet hominem cito corruet; qui sperat in Domino sublevabitur.

[26] Many seek the face of the prince: but the judgment of every one cometh forth from the Lord.
Multi requirunt faciem principis, et judicium a Domino egreditur singulorum.

[27] The just abhor the wicked man: and the wicked loathe them that are in the right way. The son that keepeth the word, shall be free from destruction.
Abominantur justi virum impium, et abominantur impii eos qui in recta sunt via. Verbum custodiens filius extra perditionem erit.

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